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Next premiere: Musique d'art (2021)

for trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium and electronics

Projections libérantes resumes its collaboration with the musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik to propose a work composed for a group of instruments unique in the world: four double-bell brass instruments. The double bell affords each instrument with instant or perfectly gradual transition between normal
playing and muted playing, producing striking timbre effects.

Musique d’art (2021) is an international coproduction between Projections libérantes and Ensemble Musikfabrik.


Composition: Simon Martin
Performers: Ensemble Musikfabrik

  • Marco Blaauw, trumpet
  • Christine Chapman, horn
  • Bruce Collings, trombone
  • Melvin Poore, euphonium

Audio engineering: Guillaume Barrette

Guitar project under development

We recently started working on a project for classical guitars. This project will take a few years to reach fruition as, before the composition process can begin, we need to completely redesign the fret layout to achieve new scales.

We will be sharing more information about this project, in sound and vision, very soon. Stay tuned!