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Projections libérantes is a contemporary concert music creation and production company founded in Montreal in 2011 by composer Simon Martin.

Projections libérantes’ mandate is to support the creation of independent artistic content, that is, content that meets its own requirements and not those of an academic context, a commissioned work, a predetermined instrumental formation, a competition, a residency, a call for projects or any commercial, social or political consideration. The organization carries out its mandate through productions that allow content to find both its method of development and its final form.

Projections libérantes remains the only Quebec contemporary music organization dedicated exclusively to creation, with no resident musicians or seasonal programming.


Projections libérantes takes its name from a work published in 1949 by Paul-Émile Borduas, in tribute to its author, an emblematic figure of artistic, spiritual and intellectual modernity – and freedom – in Quebec. This reference determines the vision of Projections libérantes, an organization morally committed to its society, rooted in its heritage and determined to become a player in its future.