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“His very special music is based on the deployment of harmonic textures that vary progressively in relief and intensity” (Alain Brunet, 2022)

“Endowed with a rather singular voice in the Quebec landscape” (Réjean Beaucage, 2018)

“Simon Martin is a unique voice in our landscape and, it has to be said, on a more international scene.” (Benoît Côté, 2021)

These quotes, taken from our press review, say it all: Simon Martin‘s career path is like no other. Five years after graduating from the Conservatoire, he was already dreaming of having his own independent structure, entirely dedicated to his artistic work. In 2011, he founded Projections libérantes.

To this day, Projections libérantes remains the only Quebec contemporary music company dedicated exclusively to creation, with no resident musicians or seasonal programming.

The balance sheet is as follows: 11 years of activity, 7 creation concerts, 3 albums, 1 Opus Composer of the Year award, 2 national broadcasts, 1 natural harmony treatise, 1 natural harmony guitar model, 1 Fond Projections libérantes… and much more.

Having completed large-scale projects with internationally renowned ensembles such as Quatuor Bozzini (Montreal) and Musikfabrik (Cologne), Simon Martin now composes his own instrumental ensembles according to the specific needs of each creation.

Simon Martin is the only Quebec composer to devote himself entirely to natural harmony (“Just Intonation“), i.e. the proportions of whole numbers of frequencies. His most recent innovations in this field have enabled him to satisfy not only niche audiences in search of singular artistic experiences, but also the general public, to whom he offers a space to reflect outside of time. Through Simon Martin’s numerous research, creation and mediation projects, Projections libérantes aims to make this musical theory accessible to all.

Projections libérantes is the only organization in Quebec to produce content on the subject of natural harmony on a regular basis, mainly through its creative concerts. In parallel, the digital book “Traité : l’harmonie musicale fondée sur le nombre” (2021) is available free of charge on our website, and represents one of the very few works on this subject published in French anywhere in the world. Projections libérantes is also the only organization in Quebec to carry out a Just Intonation guitar-making project, also documented on our website.

This artistic vision has meant that each of our creations has stood out for its quality, as this partial summary demonstrates: