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Projections libérantes is a contemporary concert music creation and production company founded in Montréal in 2011 by composer Simon Martin. It is designed to be completely at the service of artistic projects. Simon Martin’s music, imbued with interiority, makes us witnesses to a mystery that questions us. The narrative of his work/concert is chiselled directly from the subject matter, leading to a quest for the perfection of harmony which simultaneously becomes a wellspring of beauty and drama.

Artistic approach

Simon Martin – Director-founder of Projections libérantes

Organizational structures hide the phenomena on which they are built. For example, spoken language requires both a certain perception of fundamental elements (phonemes), and a state of transcendence that enables us to forget these very elements. Similarly, in the aural sphere, music is the negation of sound for the benefit of its organization. Nevertheless, a sound that is completely left to its autonomous state (as opposed to it being collected for its potential as a poetic tool) goes back to the hum of nature. Thus, in order for it to be aesthetically perceivable, sound needs music as much as music needs sound.

This dialectic tension is found at the heart of natural harmony, whose material, proportions of integers, corresponds to the exact measurement of the phenomenon. A balance becomes possible between music and sound, between order—necessary for complexity to emerge—and the infinite creative potential of chaos. — Simon Martin

Interview with Simon Martin


Projections libérantes takes its name from a Paul-Émile Borduas text published in 1949, as a tribute to this author, an icon of artistic, spiritual, and intellectual modernism–and freedom–in Québec. This reference sets the vision of Projections libérantes, an organization with a moral commitment to its community, rooted in that community’s heritage, and determined to play a key part in its future.