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2022 fundraising campaign

Projections libérantes launches its first fundraising campaign!

From now until December 22, take part in the campaign and contribute to the creation of Quebec concert music.

For over 10 years, Projections libérantes has distinguished itself in this field by the originality of its creations, “strong, independent, unique proposals[1]” performed by exceptionally talented local musicians.

Our goal for this first campaign is to raise $1,000. This amount will be directly invested in Projections libérantes’ next creation, Musique d’art (2023)!

Beyond its financial objective, we want this campaign to be an opportunity to bring together a community of inspired people, for whom creativity represents a fundamental human dimension.

Does this vision resonate with you?

Come on in! This way…

[1] Benoît Côté,  cettevilleetrange, 3 juin 2021